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Aesthetic restoration Expert

Dr. Danièle Larose, DMD

Aesthetic and orthodontic restoration and rehabilitation expert

Danièle LAROSE

Dr. LAROSE, DMD graduated from the University of Montreal in 1997. She practices in St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada. Her practice focuses on aesthetic and orthodontic restoration and rehabilitation. She studied at Pankey, Dawson, LVI, has been teaching esthetic restorative handson courses since 2008. She has been a faculty at the Center for Aesthetic Excellence, is presently an Align faculty and has completed more than 300 clear aligner cases.

Passionnate about aesthetic!

Her educational articles have been featured in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, Continuum, and Oral Health. Dr. Larose will be giving the M.O.C.A. ECF course, in French and English, geared towards doctors who are interested in learning state-of-the-art composite techniques after the use of clear aligners in their practice. Also suitable for the restorative hygienist, this course with aa important hands-on portion is a great addition to The C.L.E.A.R. Institute’s program in his dedication to finishing cases with success and patients satisfaction.

Our educators

Cumulating more than 50 years of experience with Clear Aligners, our educators have only one goal: To provide you with the confidence you need to treat your  orthodontic cases with clear aligners. Their mission is to make you as comfortable proposing Clear Aligners treatments to your patients as you are with any type of restoration.