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"A la carte" service

Private consultation in your office

There is nothing like customized learning . Places limited.

Personnalized according to YOUR needs

Spend 1 or 2 days in private with one of our experts and your team*, at your clinic, to help you implement and incorporate clear aligners for you in your own practice. Discuss treatment plans and get on-site training and role play with your team members. Build your day according to your needs**.

Nothing is better to achieve success with clear aligners in your practice. You and your team will feel confident and motivated following these private moments spent with our knowledgeable experts***. We love to share our knowledge with passion to our colleagues!

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the contract for services to be concluded following your registration. The private consultation sessions must be made while complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including, without limitations, deontology rules, professional secrecy and the protection of your patients' personal data.

**If part of the services you requested falls under the exercise of the profession of dentist, The C.L.E.A.R. Institute Inc. will act only as an administrative agent to collect the fees in connection with these services.

***We can provide you, on demand, a written and motivated version of the recommendations made during the private consultation sessions at your clinic, for a fee to be determined depending on the time required to prepare these written recommendations.

" My assistants and I took the Invisalign Mastership with Stephane and Frederic in Calgary in 2019 and then had Stephane and Michaela come to our St Albert office for a private training course in February 2020 to get the whole team educated and onboard with Invisalign. The C.L.E.A.R Institute provided us with clear and concise education, hands-on training, tools, and advice for office success as well as a lot of fun and laughter!! Stephane, Frederic, and Michaela have a real knack for making learning fun!! With the education and training provided by the C.L.E.A.R Institute we went from being a beginner office providing Invisalign to very few patients in our office, a mere 20 cases, to achieving gold plus status by the beginning of 2020 with an increase of 47 cases, and after our in office private training course we went from gold plus to platinum plus in just 1 year!!! With a current active case number of 292, we are now well on our way to achieving Diamond Status by the end of this year. Thanks to Stephane and his team! "

Dr. Frank Neves, DMD

If you feel you need to gain confidence and that this is what is stopping you to get serious about integrating clear aligners in your daily practice, this is the program you need. This is where YOU start taking control of your cases.

This program is designed for you if you are just starting with clear aligners, are thinking of getting started, or just want to restart! The goal is to give you the foundation and enough confidence to either start cases or to decide to get certified with Invisalign and begin to get serious about integrating clear aligners in your practice. If you have done 0 to 25 cases, have been certified, and never started a case, or are always struggling to get going, this is the course you need.

The intermediate course is for those who have a little experience with clear aligners (more than 15 cases) and want to go to the next level. You have developed an interest in clear aligners and to what it can bring your patients, but you want to know: “What’s next?”. You are convinced there is something good for you and your patient there, but you are missing some knowledge and confidence to do more. This Intermediate course will bring you to the next level. Suddenly everything starts to become C.L.E.A.R. !

The Advanced course is geared toward dentists who are really interested in having the maximum knowledge to become a clear aligner expert. Dentists who already have done Beginners and Intermediate courses, who liked what they learned and what to have more and more. Those who are passionate about what clear aligners bring to their practice. You want to see how we manage and plan difficult cases, how we troubleshoot complex cases: this is the place to be!

Even the most enthusiastic dentist, the most motivated one, cannot achieve alone to integrate successfully clear aligners in the general dental office. The participation of the TEAM is an essential key to success. Together Everyone Achieves More. Everyone must work together towards the same goal. Everyone must know what everyone must do. And everyone must understand what the goal is and what they have to do to achieve it.! Dentist who are the most successful integrating clear aligners in their practice are those who take the decision to make it a TEAM effort !

With the introduction of clear aligners for adults in most general practices today we can see it’s essential to repair years of wear due to malocclusion. Black triangles, worn incisal edges and missing canine guidance are easily restored with beautiful and easy composite layering and Bioclear techniques.

We are happy to partner with ClearTPS, an Orthodontic led Team of Clinicians. Not Technicians and not Advisors. It is with this experience, expertise, and commitment that ClearTPS provides and integrates the C.L.E.A.R. Institute ClinCheck® setup: they will use our protocols to set up and plan your cases.

Take advantage of this offer now: First ClinCheck® setup is FREE!

Spend 30 or 60 minutes, one on one with Dr. Reinhardt, on a Zoom meeting. Ask questions about your cases, review some features or others. Tell us more about what you want to accomplish in this private meeting.